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Turn your computer into a teleprompter or autocue!

Helping you to make perfect presentations every time!

  • Do you want to add audio or video to your web site?
  • How about giving your home movies a more professional touch?
  • Improve your “blog” or “podcast”?
  • Perhaps you produce audio books, audio visual training materials or e-books?
  • Are you a broadcaster, journalist or voice over artist?
  • Do you make important business presentations?

If so, you’ll know how difficult it can be to speak naturally, fluently and memorise everything you want to say. And if you have to do that on cue, or to a very specific time scale, it can be pretty difficult!

Have you ever wondered how radio or television news readers or those slick weather presenters for example are able to deliver their lines so smoothly, without any hesitation or mistakes? And how they are able to  finish speaking at exactly the right moment to provide a perfectly timed  transition into the next item on the program?

Tele-Prompt set upThe answer is they use a teleprompter or autocue. This device allows scrolling text to be read by the presenter or “talent”, whilst they speak into a microphone or are looking at the camera. In professional broadcast radio, television, or the movie industry teleprompters are usually dedicated hardware devices that cost anything from $1,500.00 upwards. However, you do not need to make that kind of investment to get really professional results; there is an excellent alternative ... Tele-Prompt!

This professional quality Windows based teleprompter software or auto cue allows you to achieve similar results to those from expensive hardware teleprompters for a mere fraction of their price!

Furthermore, Tele-Prompt is much more than a simple teleprompter. It also has its own built in high quality audio recorder! And one that can be synchronised to your scrolling script too, making Tele-Prompt a complete, self contained and fully integrated teleprompter software solution. Producing high quality audio and video sound tracks has never been easier ... or cost effective!

Tele-Prompt users range from large corporations such as the BBC, Oxford University, Prudential Insurance and international insurance underwriters Lloyd’s of London in England and Wells Fargo in the USA to individual presenters and independent audio and video production companies.

Tele-Prompt is invaluable for:

  • Video productions: typically news reader style presentations, corporate video productions, educational video productions, TV advertisements, infomercials and chat shows.
  • Live presentations: Tele-Prompt can be an invaluable aide memoir during PowerPoint style presentations. We even have members of the clergy using Tele-Prompt to help deliver their sermons! With its ability to start, stop and pause where required by simply using keyboad shortcuts means it's easy to control the pace of a presentation, deal with audience questions or expand upon a topic ad lib, knowing you can easily continue with your presentation at any time.
  • Podcasts: with its own inbuilt high quality audio recorder, Tele-Prompt is much more than a simple teleprompter or autocue. Pure audio recording will benefit from using Tele-Prompt. If you need real broadcast quality audio or Podcasts, you'll find reading from a teleprompter produces a far better result than simply reading from sheets of paper. And Tele-Prompt's completely integrated approach makes it a snap!
  • Live musical performances: by running Tele-Prompt on a second screen, hidden discretely within a dummy monitor speaker on stage, singers can be sure of never again forgetting the words to their songs.

British based JFL Productions was one of the first companies to realise that Tele-Prompt would be a really valuable tool in helping them produce high quality corporate videos, feature length movies, DVD's, multimedia presentations and advertisements etc.

Tele-Prompt on loacation

Click here to watch the vido

Wow! What a great product.
JFL Productions' clients just  love it because they do not need to learn their lines “off by heart”. This reduces stress and makes for faster “takes”. All of which in turn improves our video production business’ bottom line!

Fantastic product, great friendly communication, glad I found it! Still can’t really tell you enough how pleased we are with Tele-Prompt.
Martin Tucker

We are currently updating the shop and site generally, so only the software and its dedicated remote control hardware are shown as available.

But shortly, in addition to being able to purchase the software as both an immediate download and on CD and the remote control units, you'll also find a further range of accessories, all designed to enhance your use of Tele-Prompt and therefore, your own presentations. 

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Finally of course, if you have any questions relating to either Tele-Prompt or the supporting hardware products, please take a look at the new FAQ section - links are in the box on the right - or contact us using the form on the Contact page. We generally respond to enquires or support requests within a few hours.

However, if your query or delivery is urgent, please call me on either of the telephone numbers below; the first is manned by a real person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; the second only during office hours in the UK.

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